Who is Julei

JULEI is the link between comfort and elegance, the missing link of style between work and home

With its sophisticated forms in a refined cocoon style, the JULEI brand evokes and unites the dualities of life; femininity-versatility, the chic-timeless side. JULEI stands out for the audacity of its colors, it is balanced in the practical side and easy to put on (pull-on). It facilitates; promotes; famous; highlights; a lifestyle combining the comfort of cocooning materials and freedom of movement.

The workleisure style

JULEI nestles in a new category of workleisure clothing that is between ready-to-wear and relaxation

It comes from a woman's need to bring these two worlds together, to feel comfortable in her work environment like what she experienced at home. This is what inspired JULEI to create a hybrid collection, versatile clothes more suited to this new way of life.

Julei's Values

JULEI promotes eco-responsibility from every angle

JULEI promotes eco-responsibility from every angle through social and environmental ethics repeated by our choices at several stages of the life cycle of our products. A creative and innovative approach marks the development of our styles. Promoting and collaborating with numerous female partnerships is at the heart of the brand.


More than words, tangible actions

Julei is actively involved in the local Quebec economy through the choice of all its collaborators, therefore, the choice of all the elements of the brand's value chain are based on the added value and this difference of "made in Quebec". ". Employees are chosen for their local origin and their expertise in their sector of activity. For Julei, the 100% Quebec value chain is a symbol of success and integrity. It is a plus, in the investment of this chain, and it is a guarantee of sustainability for the manufacturing and the textile industry in Quebec.

Respect for nature and the body are core values at Julei. The use of ecological and eco-responsible textile materials in Julei's collections is at the heart of the product. We assess the impact on the environment before choosing the fabrics and textile accessories that go into the composition of our clothes. The fabrics are chosen for their natural appearance, but above all for comfort on the skin while respecting the body of the person who wears it. We believe that when the body is relaxed, the mind and intellect are more in harmony and conducive to concentration.


At JULEI, creativity is a driving force behind the brand to move forward and communicate

Julei loves creativity! It is an important value that motivates us to move forward, to perform and to surpass ourselves.
Creativity symbolizes for us, innovation, beauty and synergy; Creativity is a powerful and unifying force which, through our minds as designers, breathes new life into fashion; Creativity also allows us to adjust to communicate more skillfully with others, find solutions to the problems that arise before us.

In the current world that we live in, creativity is an important value to better overcome obstacles, it brings another vision necessary to continue the path towards renewal.


At the heart of the brand

Without input from people, a brand or project is just an idea. Through the years and our mutual experiences we have understood this. Julei surrounds itself with employees who share its values and beliefs. We choose people with heart, passionate people who, through their expertise, like us, want to make a difference. Women's partnerships are at the heart of the Julei brand. We want to unite our skills in complementarity with those of other women in our field in order to create a synergy that leads to the surpassing of all.

All for one and one for all