Spring Summer 2023

Julei is the official and assumed encounter between soft and structured clothing, between elegance and comfort.

For the Spring-Summer 2023 collection, loosely woven fabrics combined with jerseys, forming soft “co-comfortable” clothing, the brand's signature. The materials are chosen for their soft, comfortable and cocooning effect, as well as for their low environmental footprint, in compliance with the principles of ethical manufacturing.

Julei creates for the contemporary-urban woman, chic and coordinated sets made in a sustainable way from natural materials that can be worn with agility from home to the office. The collection comes in sophistication and comfort; rich tone-on-tone cotton and linen jacquards, silky viscose and linen, soft terry and supple bamboo jerseys sculpt the silhouettes of spring-summer 2023.

The colors are inspired by the elements of nature with a touch of femininity and neutrality. In accent, the floral colors, fuchsia pink, coral and mango, combine with natural shades such as oats, chestnut and earth.

Our Key Silhouettes

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