JULEI's Fabrics

Icone de l'éco-responsabilité de JULEI

We call sustainable fabrics our choice of textiles made of natural fibers that regenerate quickly; either bamboo, which requires less water irrigation; hemp or flax. The transformation of vegetable fiber into cellulose such as modal, viscose and tencel with or without Oeko-TEK certification. Fabrics made from textile waste; cupro.

icone de fil recyclé de JULEI

Recycled materials, is resulting from the transformation of a raw material that has already had a first life. We only use them when recycled synthetic yarns are mixed with natural materials.

Icone de matière naturelle de JULEI

We use textiles made from natural materials with more than 80% content. Our textile choices are cotton, linen, hemp and their blends. We also use plant fiber cellulose which comes from our eco-responsible category because it brings softness and suppleness to our natural textiles.

Icône organique de JULEI

Materials from organic farming in the strict sense: ban on the use of synthetic chemicals (commonly called pesticides, insecticides, but also fertilizers), ban on the use of genetically modified organisms.