Returns and Exchanges

Our 30 day guarantee

You have 30 days to return the goods to us. To request a return authorization

Items with original tags that have not been worn, washed, or altered may be exchanged or returned for a full refund less shipping charges.


Reimbursement deadline

Please allow 10 days after receipt of your return for our customer service to process your request. Refunds are applied to the payment method used to place the order.

To return or exchange an item, please contact us at

 Please let us know why you want to return your item, which item you are returning and your order number.

If the part received has a defect, we invite you to contact our customer service at any time at the following address:

Do not forget to attach photos of your defective part to your message, this will help us to offer you the best possible solution.

If the defect is noted by our teams, a prepaid return form will be sent to you.

We will issue an exchange or refund (if the product you originally ordered is no longer available) upon receipt of the part.


Gift cards

Gift cards and additional gift boxes are non-refundable.

In the event that you redeem a gift, the refund is issued to a virtual gift card.

We are not responsible for any mistreatment due to the care of your garment, please read the instructions on the inside labels of your garment carefully in order to maintain its quality.