JULEI's ethical choices

Les choix éthiques de JULEI: Les partenariats féminins

Women make up our value chain at all levels

Women's partnerships are at the heart of the JULEI brand. We unite our skills in complementarity with those of other women in our field in order to create a synergy that leads to the overcoming of all.

Our partners are at all levels in the value chain; design, graphics, fabrics, manufacturing and marketing.

Women's partnership of JULEI with Zoé Boivin

JULEI Women's Partnership with Sharon Teymouri

JULEI's ethical choices: Quebec manufacturing

Our JULEI brand promotes Quebec creation and Montreal manufacturing

Julie Magnan and Leila Ligougne are the Quebec managers and designers of JULEI.

The design is done in total synergy. Julie and Leila bring care and thoroughness to the process. The design takes root in the fabrics and the values ​​of the brand. The contribution of change in consumption patterns towards more sustainable consumption dictates design choices.


JULEI's ethical choices: ethical manufacturing

For JULEI, 100% Quebec manufacturing is possible and achievable.

For JULEI, 100% Quebec manufacturing is possible and achievable. It's a more involving work. Its success is a symbol of pride for us. It represents a guarantee of sustainability for the manufacturing and the textile industry in Quebec. We are actively involved in the economic recovery on the ground.

By being present at the subcontractors, the transfer of skills is done in the sharing of knowledge to improve the quality of manufacture while respecting the limits of each one.